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Request for Quotations

As part of the 'Kenur' project, ESF 02.157, Prisms is issuing a request for quotations for a physical Basic First Aid Course – RFQ 09/2021     

This project is partly financed by the European Social Funds 2014 - 2020.

Request for Quotations - First Aid Course_page-0001.jpg


Interested bidders are kindly requested to quote for 2 different prices for two different scenarios;

  1. Private course; participants being only our 8 young people and

  2. Established course; where our young people will be joining running courses in the area together with other participants


Documents have been updated. If you can provide a recognised basic first-aid course and would like to receive the request for quotations please contact us on or on +35699833085.


Deadline for submission of bids remains 15th December 2021.

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