Career choices for students

Explore more project was designed to encourage students to learn more about the various opportunities and courses which they can follow which will lead them to their ideal employment. It's a one-stop shop which links subjects, courses and employment.


Creating inclusive spaces

The objective of the project is to adjust spaces like supermarkets, pharmacies, beauty salons and other amenities so that people with autism and their families can benefit from. Prisms with the collaboration CRPD are working with the private and public sectors by increasing awareness on Autism and how spaces can be adjusted to be more inclusive. 


A phone call away

During this uncertain time amidst the COVID-19 situation, Prisms linked a number of volunteers with people by daily phone call. Through this phone call, the volunteers offer support, companionship and help with necessities.  

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Mentoring young people

The central element of this project is to give support to students who are attending the second year of their middle school education. The support is given by professional
youth workers and focuses on a preventive methodology. The mentorship programme is over 29 months and is carried out in and out of school.

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