Collaborative & Innovative


Career choices for students

Explore more project was designed to encourage students to learn more about the various opportunities and courses which they can follow which will lead them to their ideal employment. It's a one-stop shop which links subjects, courses and employment.


Integration of migrants

The general objective of the project is the empowerment of young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, with the specific objectives of building capacities of organisations working with the target group; promoting participation in democratic life in Europe, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity; and improving the level of key competencies and skills of young people through educational, cultural and artistic activities.


Innovative urban farming

The main objective of Farm the City is to increase the knowledge, skills and awareness of students aged between 11-14 years on how to cultivate basic crops and carry out other basic agricultural tasks inside their own homes.  of non-formal methods of education to teach youngsters more about growing their own crops in a sustainable way.

12 Triq G. Licari, Birkirkara, Malta

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