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Building communication bridges

This Erasmus+ project targets three main objectives:

1. Development of youth skills to enable open dialogue between generations, cultures and people

2. Create resources for youth/social workers, NGOs and educational organisations

3. Creation of Chatbox "YourBuddy" to offer psychological support to young people




A new pedagogical approach

Millennials are very savvy and skillful when it comes to using online tools and social media. Yet, this generation is criticized for the lack of social skills when it comes to face-to-face
communication. The educators need to learn how to use the characteristics of the Internet to be relevant to the young generations. The students need to learn more about how to socialise offline and be equipped with the skills to navigate safely and efficiently in the online world



Integration of migrants in the educational system

This project enhances the access, participation and integration of newly arrived migrants in school
education in Malta, Greece, and Portugal. It aims to:

1) Strengthen the competences of teachers and school staff to promote diversity, empathy and
inclusion in schools
2) Through an Educational Platform, supports the schools with regards to facilitating
integration and success of migrant students.

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Preventing cyberbullying with a positive mindset

The vision of this project is to prevent and/or mitigate the occurrence of violent and aggressive speech and bullying on the internet with the education and promotion of a positive mindset. It provides youth workers, leaders and young adults with the methods, tools, and guidance necessary to achieve this aim through positive psychology

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