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 Employability of
autistic individuals

The objectives of this KA2 Erasmus+ project are:

1.  Enabling autistic individuals to make an informed decision to use supported employment

2. Creation of a Social Hub for autistic individuals

3. Vocational Profiling and Training

4. Job Finding

5. Employer Engagement and Training on the needs of autistic employees

6. On/Off Job Support

7. Create a policy and awareness raising

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Creating green spaces in urban areas

Many young people today feel that they are distant from nature due to the rushing lifestyle of urban centers, where sufficient green spots often lack. Distancing from nature, especially during the COVID 19 quarantine, has caused people to suffer from various physical and mental problems, from which they might possibly recover only through reconnecting with nature. This project works to help young people learn more on urban farming and bring back nature to our cities and to our youth. 



Integration of migrants in the educational system

This project enhances the access, participation and integration of newly arrived migrants in school
education in Malta, Greece, and Portugal. It aims to:

1) Strengthen the competences of teachers and school staff to promote diversity, empathy and
inclusion in schools
2) Through an Educational Platform, supports the schools with regards to facilitating
integration and success of migrant students.

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Preventing cyberbullying with a positive mindset

The vision of this project is to prevent and/or mitigate the occurrence of violent and aggressive speech and bullying on the internet with the education and promotion of a positive mindset. It provides youth workers, leaders and young adults with the methods, tools, and guidance necessary to achieve this aim through positive psychology

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